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The church is not where we go, it is who we are

Welcome to or-gan-ic church

Light Church is a community of Christ followers in Jacksonville who desire to return to the biblical nature and practices of the early church.  

A reality in America is that thousands of believers have become weary of traditional, theater style meetings led by one man. They have not left God or their faith. But they know that something is missing and long for more reality and substance in expressing their faith.  We have found that as we begin to focus on Jesus, one another and extending the Kingdom of God, church has taken on a whole new meaning.  And when Jesus Christ, Himself is leading a meeting, those gatherings become exciting, refreshing and life giving. God is simply looking for a people through whom He can express His life. Ordinary people are learning that as they begin to function as Paul instructed the believers in I Corinthians 14:26, they are literally coming to life. Simply stated, we have stopped GOING to church in order to BECOME the church. 

If you have left or are thinking about leaving institutional religion and desire find your place in His body, you are not alone. You are among one million adults who leave the institutional church in the US every year. Some of them have joined the great adventure of rediscovering the church as God intends it to be.  

Thanks so much for visiting our website. Look around the rest of the site and discover more about what God is doing in the house church movement in Jacksonville and around the world.

If you are interested in meeting one on one or having a phone conversation before attending a gathering, go to our contact page and send us an email with your information or leave us a voice message at 904-345-0045.