Organic Gatherings

Chuch as we know it in the west is anything but simple. With buildings, large staffs, auditorium style seating, stages and state of the art sound systems, lights and multi media, it is full of complexity. Organic gatherings are simple expressions of the body of Christ that naturally function wherever they are. 

Although they may not be immediately noticeable, they are all around you. If you look around, you will find them in homes, offices, campuses, parks, restaurants, coffee shops...wherever God's people are. Where two or more are gathered in His name, you will find His church. Look closely and you will find a group of men or women meeting for breakfast or lunch. You will find couples and singles having dinner together. You will find a Bible study in one place and a prayer meeting in another place. You will find a man who lives in Florida skyping with a brother in Wisconsin, encouraging one another and praying for one another.

It is intentional, but it is not programmed. Meeting with others in all of these settings is a very common practice all over the world, but calling it "church" is uncommon. However, a reformation is happening as more and more followers of Christ search for more authentic ways to express their faith and connect with others of like faith. They are finding church outside of tradition, structure and organized religion. You are actually doing life and building relationships instead of sitting in a building, watching, listening to someone else speak and sing, while you say nothing as you try to stay awake and avoid gazing at the back of someone's head. 

The thing we hear most often is, "What about the scripture that says, 'Forsake not the assembly'? Do these activities look like something other than believers assembling together? We can tell you from 5 years of experience gathering outside of the institutional church that there is real life and relationship building in these interactions.