Off and Running in 2013

We'd have needed a really wide angle lens to show just how many people were squeezed in our first meeting of 2013! (Besides the living room, we were spread out in the kitchen, the back porch and down the hall!) Growing like crazy and planting 3 new house churches without even trying! It's so awesome to rest in the Lord and get to be involved in what He is doing!

Meeting Highlights: Skype with Mike and Pauline Dillard in Wisconsin. Mike's word to the Body (in part) Believe God for things you've never seen before. Talk to each other with expectancy over what God is doing. This isn't about "house church" but about where can Christ manifest His life - and cast your anchor of vision out and let it draw you to it.

Other things God spoke to us by His Spirit: He wants to change our minds and He is unwrapping our grave clothes. Take authority over our thoughts and have the same "problem" with things that Jesus does and that we don't have to understand everything God is doing. God's ways are not our ways.